Keepsake are an Irish professional music ensemble combining the talents of two highly versatile musicians - soprano, pianist and guitarist, Elva MacGowan along with violinist and low whistle player Dónall Donnelly.

The Keepsake repertoire encompasses a wide range of styles - classical, traditional Irish, world music, easy listening and popular. A performance by Keepsake incorporates vocals accompanied by guitar, organ or keyboard and violin or low whistle. The instrumentation chosen is dependent on each type of song, the suitability of the arrangement and the client's personal choice.

The technical virtuosity of this group and the diversity of musical genres that they embrace set Keepsake apart and allow for all individual tastes to be catered for. Keepsake offer advice on the music and format of the ceremony, but also delight in learning new songs that mean something particularly personal to the couple on their special occasion.

Keepsake also provide music for wedding receptions in the style of easy listening background music - music from the 1940s and 50s, traditional ballads, popular classics, classical arias or just purely instrumental. These styles are primarily performed on piano and violin, but if a piano is not provided, a keyboard will be organised.

Keepsake have performed nationally and internationally and provide music for ceremonies regardless of religion or faith, as well as funerals and a variety of corporate functions. On an individual basis, the members of the group have a highly distinguished performance background. For further information, please read both profiles of Elva MacGowan and Dónall Donnelly.